About Us

The LoCooker has been developed by Clyne Energy Ltd for the professional catering market. It has been developed with professional chefs advising at each stage of the design process.

Clyne Energy is passionate about its customers, and its products and aims to:

  • To devise innovative technologies to enable energy efficient, low water usage cooking appliances, without compromising the quality, flavour or texture of the food produced
  •  To interact closely with catering industry professional to deliver high quality products which become the tool of choice, both for the industry and the home
  •  To strive for continuous improvement of the technology through innovation, material choice, engineering design and customer feedback
  • To minimise the carbon footprint of the products produced by sourcing materials locally, and considering embodied carbon during the design process and life cycle

The LoCooker® range of products allows chefs to cook food in the traditional way, but use far less energy and water. It also allows the chef to cook food using the Sous Vide method, with all the associated benefits.

Clyne Energy Ltd is committed to developing the LoCooker® range as high quality tools of choice for professional chefs.

For further information please visit www.clyne-energy.com