Energy Efficiency

Masses of energy is wasted during traditional cooking processes. The LoCooker has been carefully designed from principles of energy efficiency. Because of this it saves energy and reduces energy bills.


Water Efficiency

Potable water is a valuable world resource which should be conserved. The unique way the LoCooker works minimises water use during the cooking process. Up to 8Kg of food can be cooked using just 1.5 litres of water.


Precise Temperature Control

Different foods cook at different temperatures. Controlling this temperature is essential for consistently producing high quality food. Overcooking degrades the quality of food and is irreversible, so it makes sense to cook it at a temperature which reduces the risk of this. The LoCooker allows you to cook at a precise temperature of your choosing, without the risk of overcooking or burning the food.


Programmable Timer

The LoCooker comes with a built in programmable timer, so as you develop your recipes you can store your programs for easy use.



Easy to Clean

The LoCooker has a self cleaning cycle, and can be cleaned using small amount of dishwasher powder. All parts can be removed from the cooking chamber and can be cleaned separately if needed.


Easy to Flavour and Season Food

Because the LoCooker uses water to cook the food the food can be seasoned by adding salt to the water in the traditional way. Because the amount of water used is small, good seasoning can be achieved without using large amounts of ingredients.

The LoCooker also allows you to add ingredients to the water to cook using a flavoured stock. Aromats or herbs can also be put into the cooking chamber during cooking to infuse flavours into the food.


Low Steam and Odour Emission

The LoCooker is designed to minimise emissions of steam and odours during the cooking process. This is especially important in areas where there is little or no extraction.



Refresh and Regenerate

With a quick warm up time the LoCooker is ideal for refreshing and regenerating. 




The LoCooker only requires a standard UK plug Socket and a small amount of water making it ideal for use in areas which have few facilities, or where it is difficult to use larger equipment. No Mains water connection, or plumbing is required.