Sous Vide


The LoCooker is perfect for Sous Vide cooking.

The LoCooker is the worlds first true water oven. It is a flexible device that allows sous vide cooking and so much more. 

Sous Vide and Sous Vide cooking equipment is used in many top restaurants. The popularity of Sous Vide cooking has increased because it produces consistent results, and fantastic food. The food is vacuum sealed (Sous Vide) and cooked using water held at a precise temperature – the temperature the food cooks best at. To achieve this professional Sous Vide equipment is used. 

Sous Vide also enables the modern chef to get ahead of the game by pre-preparing and portioning.

The LoCooker is ideal for cooking Sous Vide. Its large capacity and precise temperature control make it ideal for large batches.

The LoCooker gets to temperature in a few minutes, so there is no need to wait for the water to heat up. The temperature can also be changed quickly and easily which gives you the flexibility to cook different dishes.

The LoCooker makes it easy to organise Sous Vide cooking and reduces the risk of mixing up portions.

Its low running costs mean that it can be used for the long slow cooking needed for some Sous Vide dishes without adding to the bottom line. 

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