What it can do

The LoCooker can be used to prepare all foods that are traditionally cooked using water. It can replace cooking on a hob, in a water-bath, or in a steamer. The food can either be cooked in a sealed bag or placed directly into the gastronorm trays.

All foods can be cooked at their optimum cooking temperature allowing the moisture, texture, colour and flavour to be retained. The appliance naturally has very low vapour and odour emissions. This eliminates the need for commercial extraction and makes it ideal for use in a wide number of locations.

Food types and cooking methods


Careful temperature selection means vegetables do not overcook, and can be held in service ready condition for an extended period of time. The unique way the LoCooker work allows the water to be seasoned in the traditional way for cooking.

Fish / Seafood

The LoCooker is ideal for fish and seafood and other delicate foods.



The LoCooker is perfect for slow cooking meats. The meat can be done Sous Vide or in trays. Meat can be cooked evenly all the way through without drying out or overcooking. It can then be quickly finished in a pan as desired.

Sous Vide

Use in place of a water bath with the added advantages of energy and water saving. The LoCooker makes it easy to organise Sous Vide cooking and reduces the risk of mixing up portions.


Cook with Flavoured Stocks

The LoCooker allows the cooking stock to be flavoured. This allows chefs to innovate with new dishes, or add subtle flavours to whatever is being cooked.


Re-heat / Refresh

The LoCooker is ideal for re-heating and refreshing. The precise temperature control avoids the risk of over cooking or drying out that can be easily done in the microwave.


Flexible to the demands of the kitchen

Changing the cooking conditions in the LoCooker is easy. Simply change the water, set the temperature and press start. The fast warm up time means you can be ready to cook very quickly. This makes it ideal to respond quickly to customers demands. With the LoCooker’s large capacity, food loads of anything up to 8Kg can be cooked easily and efficiently at once.