Water bath plus

All the function of a water bath, but so much more…

The LoCooker does everything a water bath does. It has the precise temperature control, and using it to cook Sous Vide is really easy.

But the LoCooker does so much more. The food doesn’t have to be vacuum packed when it is cooked, it can be cooked directly on standard gastronorm trays. The water directly contacts the food, and so the cooking stock can be flavoured and seasoned easily. 

The LoCooker heats up to temperature in a few minutes making it really flexible and adaptable.

The LoCooker is easy to use, portable, cheap to run and requires no specialist installation. This makes it ideal for field catering. It can be easily used for prime cooking, as well as refresh and regeneration.

Every time you use the LoCooker it saves you money on your water and energy bills.